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Online Tools List

These are the tools we used during the training Day

Google Adwords

Adwords is a great tool for SEO, SEM and display campaigns. You can analyse what keywords and terms people use in different countries monthly. It allows you also to select and anlayse the best words to use when creating your web content.


Alexa is a website analytics page. You can search for companies’ websites and see how many inbound links they have to their site. This allows you to estimate if you have a chance to beat them in SEO. Alexa also supports additional analytics, especially for the most popular sites.


Mailchimp is one of the best email newsletter services out there. They offer fast, easy and beautiful designs to create newsletters. You can manage distribution lists and see analytics too. It also comes with easy sign-up forms you can add to your website to grow your audience.

Rich Media Gallery

Rich media gallery is a site managed by DoubleClick. This site gives good information about the display banners, formats and examples from different companies. If you plan to run banner ads, this is your place to be inspired!


AdMob is another Google network, focused on mobile campaigns. This used to be a great place to start mobile campaigns, but they haven’t really updated the functionality lately. Anyway, this is another site that is focused purely on mobile advertising.


Tapjoy is one of the new comers in mobile ads. They have great functionality beyond banners. In-app advertising, loyalty schemes, video advertising and much more. All these are targeted to get your application visible.

Google Analytics

One of the must have is your own website analytics. Google analytics is industry leading free platform to do that. This allows you to track anything relate to your website and its visitors. Tool is easy to use, while it also have very advanced features for those who like to know the details.


Tweetreach allows you to analyse Twitter hastags. Knowing the reach of a hastag allows you to improve your own tweets. Even better, you can see who are the most impactful people using those has tags. This becomes handy when you need to find influencers that can support your cause.


Followerwonk is a Twitter analytics site. You can search user biographies based on keywords and analyse followers for different accounts, including your competitors. While most reports are free of charge. You may have to pay with credits on some more popular brands.


AppAnnie allows you to see app store stats for iPhone, Android and Windows. This becomes useful, when you are interested to see how you score against your competitors. You can analyse ratings, reviews, downloads and much more for many different countries.


XYO is another app analytics site. I used to swear by this site but their recent UI changes has made it more difficult to use. This is still interesting place to view what is hot and what is not in the app market.

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