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Social Media

Social media is not just a buzz word. It is a powerful environment for companies who understand and respect the dynamics of it. We can plan and execute social media engagement with you. You will receive the guidelines, training and learning by completing the experience with us. We help to identify the best networks, influencers and tools to get started, and then walk every step along the way with you. Until you feel you are ready to take over.

The work starts with resource mapping to ensure the company has the right competence and resourcing behind the effort. The next thing is to create and agree company wide social media guidelines. Not only do these train people but it also assures each member understands their role in social interactions.

Any action calls for a reaction. Setting clear objectives helps the company to prioritise the networks and actions. After the choice has been made the engagement can begin. For more about social media actions, please feel free to give us a call.