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Online Advertising

Online advertising helps you to gain a wider reach but not necessary sales. When you plan a campaign well, execute it with the best platforms, and optimise it throughout the campaign – your success rate will go up. Our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t can save you money. And you’ll learn the entire process when working with us!

The work starts by reviewing your resources. When you understand your teams time available, competencies and how much money there is to invest, the objectives can be set. The second step is to create the media plan. Selecting the target audience, ad networks, frequency capping, can all contribute to the effectiveness.

The third step is to start developing the actual ads: copy text, visuals, keywords, links. It’s crucial to develop multiple versions and test which one achieves the highest click through rate. This phase is called A-B testing.

The fourth step is to review objectives and see if the advertising can deliver the desired results, assuming the A-B test conversion is applied. If the answer is yes, it’s time to commit to a fully blown campaign.