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Digital Transformation

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You may realise that your company is starting to slip behind the competition. You look around and see how the new entrants overtake you with their strong approach in the web. You know you need to do something. It’s just a matter of figuring out how. It’s time for the digital transformation.

The buzz words may fly high and there are more self-claimed digital experts than ever. There are not many individuals, however, who have led a Fortune 500 company through a digital transformation. We lived through the early days of working with top management. We understand the value of internal sponsors and the resistance of old-school thinkers. We built the business cases, established the teams and created the culture which resulted the digital transformation.

The key focus areas include:
– Company culture
– People and competencies
– Tools and platforms
– Processes
– Competitor benchmarking
– Content management
– Workflow management

If you are serious about digital transformation, please contact us. We have led many and we have great results to prove it.