own bought earned paid

The Idea

Own Bought Earned ConceptWe created the concept of Own. Bought. Earned. framework in 2006 with group of Nokia marketers. Our task was to change the way the company was marketing its products. We understood early on that the complex and fragmented digital landscape would be too difficult to communicate to decision makers. So we analysed, brainstormed and innovated the better way to run the digital operations. Own. Bought. Earned.® was born.

Effective marketing starts from strategy.
We knew effective marketing started from a clearly defined strategy. Therefore, we base our entire digital marketing philosophy on this framework, which allowed us to execute every digital touch point effectively while maintaining holistic control of the overall digital strategy.

wn media focuses on the most important tactics to improve your website performance, search engine optimization, CRM, mobile websites and applications. Understanding the marketplace dynamics and the seasonalities, we can help you build a solid plan on how to execute your marketing communications throughout the year. We also help you to plan key performace indicators which allows you to track your progress.

ought media section takes focus on online advertising. What campaigns, networks, media plans and media buy models will yield the best outcome? We help you not only plan but also challenge your media agencies so your objectives are met most effectively. When you understand the online advertising dynamics, you are better equipped to brief your partners.

arned media is focusing on social media interaction. We can help you to define key networks, influencers and tactics to start better dialogue with people, leading to better relationships with them. We can also set-up the social media program for your brand, including online presence creation, corporate etiquette creation and training your people to manage communities. We can also assure your company is executing social media optimisation in best possible manner.

Own Bought Earned aka Owned Paid Earned Media

Note: OBE framework is also known as Owned Paid Earned Media. If you are thinking about how to transform your communication, give us a call. We may be able to fast track your change process.