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Never stop learning! With the dynamic marketplace, consumer power and digitalisation it is easy to become outdated with your knowledge of the latest trends. Own. Bought. Earned. comes with years of experience training multinational corporates’ marketing staff as well as helping small companies to get started with the digital communications. We offer digital marketing courses. Give your personnel an action packed day with new learning, inspiration and marketing excellence. It pays back to your business in a few months by improving your marketing efficiency.

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  • Objectives

    Training objectives include learning the digital marketing concept, channels and most commonly used tactics. Participants will understand the digital marketing strategy elements and how to execute the most common digital marketing tactics. Participants will measure and analyse the effectiveness of digital actions enabling better digital marketing agency management.
  • Modules

    Modules start with a short theory lecture followed by a live demonstration of digital tools. There will be group exercises to train how to apply the knowledge. Sometimes, we surprise with a video. Finally, participants will receive template documents to speed up their work after the course
  • Benefits

    Participants create an understanding of the digital marketing opportunity to run successful business. They will gain a capability to lead their teams & marketing resources more effectively, benchmark competitor activities and create ideas for their company's digital marketing.
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