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The Digital Marketing Personas

Optify has made a funny infograph on digital marketing personas. When reading this I found myself a bit in every one of them. This is not always a got thing. Here’s my views what the strengths and weaknesses of these people have and how the organisations can benefit from them. But first, let’s view the personas:

The Digital Marketing Personas

digital marketing personas

The Data Whiz

When you deal with old school management, they are not impressed with fancy stories (just like McKaylan was not impressed on Olympic Gymnastics results :) Old school management believes in business cases, money and return on investments. So if you are placed into a room full of business sharks, make sure you know your numbers.

The E-artist

When dealing with creative people, the looks can matter more than content (auts!). To bridge the gap and being able to present the data in visual manner, now that’s creative. I learned that creative briefs and Cannes Lions award applications love to read data in this format.

The Social Media Master

For a very brief moment I thought I would be a master of digital marketing. Then I woke up and smelled the coffee. The internet has been around 20 years and look how much it has changed the world! There is no way in hell any of us can think we master this thing. By the time we master part of it, the evolution has already kicked in. So next tie you meet Social media guru/master/ninja, take a deep breath and carry on walking.

The Beta Tester

The true pioneers and innovators never stop searching. These Beta testers will truly push the envelope and identify the upcoming trends years ahead of others. While these guys can be a true gold dust to your future business, they rarely focus on generating the most out of the today’s technology. Who would like to deal with boring everyday stuff anyway?

The Marketing Megaphone

There’s always that one annoying kid that just won’t shut up (trust me, I was once that guy). The marketing evangelists convert the non-believers and can drive change within the organisation. They convert the converted and build their own career while doing it. Great talkers can talk the talk but how often can they actually walk the walk?

The Old School Marketers

Are there any of the dinosaurs left? I think they are dead by now. If not, it won’t take long now.

The Snarky Marketer

There are intelligent people out there who understand the value of online conversations. But the negative approach of work (and life in general) makes these people highly inefficient. These people suck the living light out of you…like those things in Harry Potter…what were they called?


You probably have met most of these people during your marketing career. Many of them can bring value, insight and drive to transform the marketing practises for your company. But they also have their own shortcomings. If you remember anything from marketing 101 courses, the audience is important factor when delivering your message. An intelligent line manager can understand which methods, information and people will help him to communicate the matters the most effectively. SO next time you are in the meeting, sneak in this list of people and see how many of them are presented in your meetings.

Jussi is the CEO of Own. Bought. Earned. He wrote the Digital Marketing Handbook and has over a decade of experience in digital marketing. His experience comes from one of the Fortune 500 companies. The past few years Jussi has led the marketing consultancy based in London and Helsinki. For more information, visit www.about.me/wacklin