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Social Media Management Stats shows it’s a Lonely Job

Go Gulf published a social media management stats infographic about how companies manage their social media. While the job is considered cool by some, this report finds it a lonely job…and it’ll likely to stay that way. Here’s the highlights:

  • Most companies assign the social media management as a slap on task
  • Most SoMe managers work alone or with 1-2 colleagues (are they anti-social?)
  • Worst of all, most companies plan to keep it that way
  • Manager experience is important when recruiting people but companies prefer that with a degree
  • No surprise here, but communication related degree for SoMe manager is a plus
  • Few companies are really happy about their social media (no surprise with those resource investments above)
  • Marketing and PR teams are in charge to manage social media
  • Resourcing is the major obstacle in measuring the activities (again!)
  • Sadly, most companies do social media in the name of awareness.
    (Hint, try to do it for the sake of preference and actually learning something from people how to do your business better)
  • Anyway, here goes:

    Social Media Management